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Visitor Parking

Structure Parking

Visitor parking is available on Central Campus at the Palmer Drive structure and on the Medical Campus at the P1 (Cancer Center), P2 (Taubman Center & University Hospital), P4 (C.S. Mott Children's & Von Voigtlander Women's Hospitals) and P5 (Cardiovascular Center) structures. Parkers pull a parking ticket upon entering a structure and pay the cashier to exit. The Palmer structure rate is $0.70 per half-hour. P1, P2, P4 and P5 structures rates are as follows:

  • $2 for up to 4 hours
  • $3 for 4-6 hours
  • $5 for 6-8 hours
  • $20 for 8-24 hours

Visitors can get their parking ticket validated in several locations for a $2 discounted rate.

Metered Parking

Visitor parking is available in a number of locations throughout campus with either individual meters or central pay machines (CPM). Parking fees and maximum hours of use, which vary by location, are posted on the meters or pay machines.

Central Pay Machines

Central Pay Machines (CPM) are used at fifteen campus locations to control visitor parking.


Location Street Building
M66 Cornwell Place North Ingalls Building
M69 West Medical Center Drive Medical School MSRB 3
M86 Ann Street Structure Biomedical Sciences Research Building
NC5 Beal Street at Fuller Rd. School of Information; Ann & Robert H. Lurie Biomedical Engineering
NC10 Baits Drive Earl V. Moore Building (School of Music)
NC26 Hayward Street Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
NC27 Murfin Street Pierpont Commons
NC43 Fuller Road Art and Architecture
NC44 Murfin at Hubbard Street North Campus Recreational Building
NC48 Hayward Street Bob and Betty Beyster Building
NC84 Huron Parkway North Campus Research Complex East
NC99 Huron Parkway North Campus Research Complex West
SC32 Greene Street at Hoover Administrative Services Building
W5 Maynard at Jefferson L S & A Building
W13 Thompson Street Student Activities Building


All CPMs, except for the machine located at lot W5, accept coin, currency and credit cards (American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and VISA). At lot W5, only coin or credit card payment is accepted. Each space is individually numbered. Be sure to observe your space number as it must be entered into the CPM to make payment.


All CPMs offer the option of a printed receipt that lists the expiration time.


All CPMs (except W5 and W13) will return payments if the transaction is canceled BEFORE it is finalized (the OK button is pressed). After the OK button is pressed, refunds are not available. The CPM will return a maximum of $5 only, in coin. If the amount owed is greater than $5, a refund slip will be generated for the remaining amount. To receive the remaining refund, call the Parking & Transportation Services phone number on the refund slip for instructions. A cash refund for the remaining balance can be obtained the same day between the hours of 8 AM and 4 PM. Refunds are not given for excess payment.

Add Time Feature

Time may be added to paid parking spaces. Select the Add Time option after entering the space number. You will be prompted to enter the Add Time Number, located on the original payment receipt. If the Add Time option is not selected, additional payments will not be added to the original transaction and the ending time will not advance. Instead, it will be processed as a new transaction, canceling any prior payment or time on that space. This feature is not available at lot W5.

Extend-By-Phone Feature

Parking times may now be extended by cell phone when paying with a credit card. Ten minutes prior to expiration of the parking time a text message will be sent to the cell phone number entered into the Central Pay Machine during the initial transaction. Follow the directions in the message to extend parking time. A $0.25 transaction fee will be charged, in addition to the parking free. This feature is not available at lot W5.