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Parking and Transportation News

Lighting Control System Saves Energy and Costs

Installation of energy-saving lighting technology has helped U-M reduce electrical costs in the Hill Street parking structure by 68 percent in its first year of operation.

The reduction in energy use through smart technology supports President Mary Sue Coleman's stated goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 25 percent by the year 2025.

Since 2011, the university has operated a computerized management system called Limelight in the parking structure adjacent to the Stephen M. Ross School of Business. The system allows individual lights to be turned off and on by program settings, motion sensors and photocells.

The energy savings is equivalent to what it would take to power 16 average U.S. households for one year, or a carbon reduction equal to removing 46 vehicles from U.S. roads. At current electricity rates, this results in an annual savings of $32,000.

For more information, read the Record article.

Posted: 05/24/2012