Maintenance and Repair

The Fleet Services Garage maintains and services the fleet of over 1000 autos, trucks, and buses owned by the University of Michigan. We have a staff of 11 vehicle maintenance technicians, including one auto body specialist. Our maintenance staff is available to service your fleet vehicle Monday through Friday 7:00 am until 12:30 am.

Preventative Maintenance

All fleet vehicles are on a preventative maintenance schedule for service every 5000 miles or one year. Our vehicle maintenance technicians will install a decal on the windshield of your fleet vehicle to remind you when your vehicle is due for service.

Routine Maintenance

All vehicles leased through Fleet Services include maintenance as part of the monthly lease cost. To schedule your fleet vehicle for maintenance, please contact our service personnel at 734-764-2490 to schedule an appointment. Maintenance costs for the following are not considered part of routine maintenance and are billed to the using department: unreported accident damage, tire repairs not due to normal wear and tear, extensive cleaning, and vehicle modifications.


All vehicle modifications or changes to your fleet vehicle must be processed through the Fleet Services Garage. A Service Request for Garage Services should be completed to outline your service needs. All labor, parts, and commercial charges for the repair are billed to the using department and not part of the monthly lease cost.


If your fleet vehicle has a mechanical issue or is involved in an accident that prohibits the safe operation of the vehicle, please contact our service personnel at 734-764-2490. They will dispatch someone to assist you.


If you have been involved in a vehicle accident, secure a safe situation for all vehicle occupants. Call 911 to notify local authorities of your circumstances and needs. In the glove box of your fleet vehicle there is a blue card that serves as both your vehicle registration and proof of insurance. Present this to the local law enforcement. Be sure to obtain important contact information regarding the incident, such as police officers' name and police report number. If an injury has occurred, please contact Risk Management at 734-764-2200. Within 48 hours of the incident, complete and submit a Driver’s Report of Vehicle Damage to our office.