University of Michigan Parking & Transportation Services

The PTS Department provides parking and transportation services to employees, students, departments and visitors at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor campuses. We operate and maintain more than 27,000 parking spaces, provide campus bus service 360 days a year with roughly 60 buses serving 12 routes, maintain a fleet of approximately 1,000 vehicles of various types and uses, and offer vanpools and other alternative transportation options available to the campus community.

What's New

Vehicle Leasing Cost Increase

Posted: 06/30/2016

In order to meet the Federal Cost Recovery requirements for fleet operations, we are required to analyze our costs to verify we are operating at a breakeven level. We have performed a lease cost analysis which will require us to adjust our lease rates for the 2017 fiscal year.

Effective July 1, 2016, the auto lease rates will increase for all classes of vehicles that you lease from PTS - Fleet Services. There are two factors that are driving the monthly lease rate increase: added insurance cost due to increased auto liability and physical damage claims and administrative overhead for building maintenance.

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