University of Michigan Parking & Transportation Services

The PTS Department provides parking and transportation services to employees, students, departments and visitors at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor campuses. We operate and maintain more than 27,000 parking spaces, provide campus bus service 360 days a year with roughly 60 buses serving 12 routes, maintain a fleet of approximately 1,000 vehicles of various types and uses, and offer vanpools and other alternative transportation options available to the campus community.

What's New

New Visitor Parking Payment Option - Passport Pilot

Posted: 02/1/2016

PTS is offering a new payment option for students, visitors and guests. Beginning Monday, February 8th, PTS will introduce the Passport mobile payment app which allows drivers the convenience of paying for parking right from their smartphone, tablet or computer. Additionally, Passport will send notifications when parking time is due to expire, and allow for extensions of parking time at anytime without having to return to the lot.

The system will be piloted at lot NC43, located on Fuller Road behind the Stamps School of Art & Design. If the pilot goes successfully, Passport will be rolled out to the fifteen other visitor parking locations on campus.

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Abandoned Bicycle Removal Guidelines Update

Posted: 01/28/2016

The Regents of the University of Michigan have enacted an ordinance allowing for the impoundment of a bicycle that is left unattended for 48 hours; left in a manner as to unreasonably obstruct the flow of vehicular or pedestrian traffic; or otherwise in violation with the ordinance. The ordinance allows for the impoundment of bicycles that are determined to be abandoned.

PTS will partner with Grounds Services to address abandoned bicycles and bike parts left attached to bike loops around campus, including in parking lots and structures. For more information, refer to Grounds Services.

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